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Coveo Custom Pipeline to Index Sitecore Items without Layout


When using the Coveo.SearchProvider.CoveoInboundFilters.HasLayoutInboundFilter pipeline, Coveo doesnt not index the items without layout. But some time we would need the items to be indexed even without a layout or presentation details.


We have a data item that has no presentaion but all the attributes like profile image and faceted field values that are needed for search but the actual page will be displayed. One way to solve this problem is using computed fields to get that data on the parent item, but if you have more field values it will be too many computed fields. So we would do better to crawl the data item and use it for search and while showing the result the url will be dynamically pointed to the actual page.


Extend the pipeline with a custom implementation to have a property that could take input of template ID's that will be included without the layout or presentation details.


Configuration should be made in Coveo.SearchProvider.Custom.config in the coveoInboundFilterPipeline sections for the custom pipeline. Default pipeline has been commented and I have included the sample config with the templates configuration.


We are replicating the out of the box pipeline with some additional functionality.
Lets add a new property to include the template id's that will help in

Note: When using these items in Coveo results ensure the links are pointed to the actual page where the data is being used.


Cover Photo by Marcus Lenk on Unsplash