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Sitecore DX 2023 Boston Highlights

Steve Tzikakis, CEO

In 2023, customers want growth, acceleration, and to increase margins. Only a new modern platform can cater to all 3 requirements – ours.
Our vision is to help you create unforgettable digital experiences and turn your customers into fans of your brand!


  • Accelerate the journey
    Work on 3 months intervals and not 3 years. We adhere to a 90-day iteration cycle, allowing us to promptly embrace and accommodate changes as they emerge, without waiting for a yearly delivery cycle.

  • Economic Turbulence
    No.1 priority use technology to drive revenue-generating activities


  • Simplify and Amplify
    Simplifying the process to enhance the outcomes. Streamlining the process will improve the results

  • Experience Modernization
    Modernizing experiences for the customers with the composable stack with improved ROI

  • Friendly Neighbor
    In the past we have acted as a bulldozer with the monolith not anymore. We want to be a friendly neighbor to the competitors.

  • AI is not new with our Products
    It has been always there behind the scenes example Sitecore Discover and ContentHub.

  • Embrace the change and adopt

  • Steve gave an example of moving from Nokia to Blackberry to iPhone its a long way and there is no way going back*

XM Cloud

  • Fast selling Sitecore Product ever
  • Sucessor of XP and not XM
  • Migrate XP to XM Cloud
  • 20+ new customers signed up for XM Cloud
  • No more upgrades
  • 24 releases on XM cloud after it was launched, Saturday night deployments without disruption and you will have all the new features.

Content Hub One

  • Continuous updates with UI enhancements
  • Preview capabilities
  • Provision microsites within hours without a development team

Sitecore Search

  • Significance of the search button as the utmost crucial feature on any website.
  • He always asked the executives to search for their name on their company website which left them with a surprise.
  • Increased revenue with a better search

Sitecore Connect

  • Better integration with pre-built connectors to the composable stack.
  • Integration to Open AI for content generation
  • Dall-E for image generation using built-in recipes


Jeff Rosica, President and CEO of Avid Technology

Steve was joined by Jeff Rosica, President and CEO of Avid Technology, headquartered in Boston. The Avid promo video left a lasting impression on the audience with its captivating content. Following the video, Jeff Rosica took the opportunity to share his firsthand experience of implementing the composable architecture within their brand and moving to XM Cloud.


We want efficiency, innovation, and forward-thinking, but return on investment is the key

Steve concluded the keynote by

  • We win by product, not by marketing, advertising, or sales.
  • We are helped by an amazing ecosystem
  • Our business is customer-centric and will remain customer-centric

Dave O'Flanagan, Cheif Product Officer

The Monolith DXP was like a Swiss army knife with numerous tools, yet many of them remained unused. On the other hand, the Composable approach allows us to selectively choose and utilize the tools that are sensible and beneficial. We can easily incorporate additional tools as and when the need arises. He humorously mentioned how he tend to stick to using just the bottle opener and neglect the multitude of other tools available in his Swiss army knife.


We believe that the future is composable.

  • Our composable solutions enable rapid modernization.
  • Whether you need one or eleven.
  • We want to provide unparalleled flexibility to allow brands to build the tech stack that they want.


Generative AI

  • Demo of content creation with prompt and OpenAI integration using Sitecore connect with ContentHub and XM cloud
  • Prioritizing governance, security, copywriting, and other liability before they could be deployed for use.

Hannah Grap, VP Corp Mktg and Interim CMO

Sitecore.com implemented Sitecore Search with one developer in a month and noticed 50% greater results with a 25% increase in clickthrough rate and doubled the amount of relevant content for some of the top keywords. Sitecore search product has been updated with powerful AI and analytics capabilities that make it far better at recognizing questions and providing relevant results.


SUGCON, MVP, and Presidents Club are migrated to XM Cloud


Sitecore.com will be migrated into XM Cloud integrating all different platforms.


Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs

The author of the book Everybody Writes talked about AI and human collaboration. When the photocopy machine was introduced authors were hesitant to embrace them. We should be prepared for the new change with AI.


  1. Invest in AI literacy: Follow the fear
  2. Be a change agent in your organization: Don’t wait for the world to get smarter around you
  3. Embrace new responsibility

Generative AI is not a copy-paste shortcut, it's an efficiency acceleration.

Launched the guide to four smart-mover strategies for dominating digital moments.

Marketing's new mantra: value original stories, encourage strong voices, elevate content efforts.

Lee Miles, Chief Customer Success Officer

Lee Miles with leaders from Bright Horizons, New England Biolabs, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, and Accenture Song to share the early stages of the journey to composable architecture. Path to composable a panel discussion with Partners and Customers.

Seeing efficiency and flexibility from the move to the composable architecture that Sitecore provides.


We are on a journey to composable architecture headless for us is very important and XM Cloud is getting us there.
Vish Chawla, GVP, Product Engineering at Bright Horizons

We're taking the time to use Sitecore as the full platform that it is.
Marilyn Tabet, Director, Digital Experience at Mandaring Oriental Hotels

Don't just think about implementation but how are you going to support it…Once you understand the direction you're going to take then you can work with your org. For us, we knew data was a core piece of our strategy and that's why we're using Sitecore.
Kelly Sheridan Associate Director, Marketing Technologies at New England Biolabs

It's not something that you're done with, really it's a digital product that needs to live on.
Todd Schwarz, Global Technology Lead at Accenture Song

Director Product Management Gary Wu

Gary Wu took the stage with Accenture to talk about Building the case to move to XM Cloud, practical insights, and how to build your plan.


We are delivering XM Cloud as SaaS, all of these updates will be made available in your environment as we release them

XM Cloud Roadmap

Gary talked about the upcoming features of XM Cloud.


Launched in April 2023, this gives developers an easier experience with content management and front-end application code deployments. They’re able to see their environments within a deployed application and get access to all the logs to enable better productivity.

Lead front-end development

Launching in May 2023, this capability enables front-end developers to make changes that develop against the XM Cloud environment. They can see changes they’re making within their favorite front-end development tool, such as VS Code, and see the changes automatically push to the XM Cloud environment.

Component Builder

Available in early access for current XM Cloud customers until general availability later this year, Component Builder enables marketers to visually create components, and developers will be able to import JavaScript libraries to protect investments already made with JS.

Forms & component-level embedded personalization and testing

Available later this year, these capabilities will provide marketers with more flexibility to personalize content by providing the ability to target component-level content to audiences.


XM Cloud Modernization


Engaging with Sitecore leaders provided invaluable insights into the company's vision. Additionally, reconnecting with friends from the beloved Sitecore community added to the event's positive experience. The event concluded with a meaningful conversation with Steve at the airport, leaving a lasting impression. Heartfelt gratitude to Sitecore for creating such a memorable event.


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